Specialization "Textile Technology" respectively "Fiber- and Textile Technology"

Textiles master the most diverse technical requirements. We show you the whole range.

In collaboration with the DITF Denkendorf we offer the specializations "Textile Technology" respectively "Fiber and Textile Technology". The deep knowledge about processes and machines for the production of yarns, textile surfaces and surface treatments as well as testing is conveyed here. Modern applications in the field of technical textiles and fiber-reinforced composites as well as products for medical and biomedical engineering are of central importance.

There are many things that will surprise you about textiles.

No other specialization offers such promising national and international career opportunities.

Depending on master's program, the specialization consists of different modules, whereby the courses in both modules are identical.

Process Engineering SF “Textile Technology“
Fiber and textile technology 1 (6 SWS, 9 LP) in WS
Fiber and textile technology 2 (6 SWS, 9 LP) in SS

Mechanical Engineering, Technology Management
SF “Fiber and Textile Technology“
Fiber and yarn technologies (4 SWS, 6 LP) in WS
Textile testing technique and statistics incl. exercises (2 SWS, 3 LP) in WS
Textile surface production processes (4 SWS, 6 LP) in SS
Technical textiles and fiber-reinforced composites (2 SWS, 3 LP) in SS

Here you find our current lecture plan.

The specialization can be started in both WS and SS.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz T. Gresser

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz T. Gresser

Head of Institute


Dr.-Ing. Emma Singer

Deputy Head and Lecturer

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