This image shows Dipl.-Ing. Robert Wegner

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Wegner

Research Associate
Institute of Textile and Fiber Technologies


Pfaffenwaldring 9
70569 Stuttgart


Robert Wegner is a research associate at the Institute for Textile and Fiber Technologies (ITFT) at the University of Stuttgart. His current research involves the development and optimisation of mineral cast for usage in machine tooling by improving their structural behavior with the integrated use of high-performance fibers.




  1. Mindermann, P., Acker, D., Wegner, R., Fasoulas, S., Gresser, G.T.: Long-span fiber composite truss made by coreless filament winding for large-scale satellite structural systems demonstrated on a planetary sunshade concept. Scientific Reports. 14, 8190 (2024).
  2. Engert, M., Werkle, K.T., Wegner, R., Born, L., Gresser, G.T., Möhring, H.-C.: Validation of the Manufacturing Methodology of Prestressed Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Concrete by the Variation of Process Parameters. (2023).
  3. Wegner, R., Engert, M., Gresser, G.T., Möhring, H.-C., Bonten, C., Kreutzbruck, M.: Structural Improvement of Mineral Cast through pre-stressed Carbon Fibre Reinforcements for Application in Machine Tool Construction. In: Bonten, C. and Kreutzbruck, M. (eds.) 28. Stuttgarter Kunststoffkolloquium. pp. 151--157. IKT Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2023).
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