VFMG – Prestressed, Fiber-Reinforced Mineral Cast

Development of fiber-reinforced and prestressed mineral casting

Bending test of prestressed fiber-reinforced mineral cast

In the research project "Prestressed, fiber-reinforced mineral casting", the degree of improvement in structural performance of mineral casting components is being investigated by integrating prestressed fiber reinforcements. The main aim of this material combination is to permanently improve the strength of the mineral casting by adding a textile reinforcement structure. As a result, a new field of application could be established for this material: load-bearing and moving machine tool components.

As part of the project, a method is developed for prestressing the textile reinforcements in mineral casting components. This includes the development and implementation of a fundamentally new system of prestressing a, regarding the force admission and transmission, optimized textile structure. Furthermore, the material design also takes into consideration the aspects of permanent bonding between the mineral casting and the textile structures as well as the maintaining of the prestress.

For the textile reinforcement, different geometries will be investigated depending on the loads occurring in the application case machine tools. The project will conclude with full-scale demonstrator-level components whose mechanical parameters will be determined experimentally.

Project Duration
February 2021 –  October 2023

Project Team
ITFT Institute for Textile and Fiber Technologies, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz. T. Gresser, Robert Wegner

IfW Institute for Machine Tools, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Möhring, Kim Torben Werkle, Michelle Engert

This research project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) – Project number 451783369


This image shows Dipl.-Ing. Robert Wegner

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Wegner


Research Associate

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